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Dawson Studio Landscape Workshop Supply List

Either a good set of pastels or a selection of soft pastels: Include some earth colors

such as umbers, siennas, and ochers. Try to have a dark, middle, and light value

of each of your colors. If you have one of these smaller 30 stick sets, you may

want to add to it by buying dark and light values of some of the colors in the set.

Most of these smaller sets have a good selection of middle values, but not many

dark or light sticks. Some good brands of pastels are Grumbacher, Rembrandt,

Schmenke, and Senneilier, or Great American.

A selection of pastel papers

Warm tones such as light ocher or sienna colors for (Landscape Workshops)

Two pieces of paper, per day of the workshop, will be enough. Avoid white,

bright colors, and very dark colors. Canson is good brand of paper to buy. I

suggest Canson only because it is easy to find and relatively inexpensive. If you

presently use a sanded paper such as Kitty Wallace, that will work fine.

A bristle brush: I use a # 4 oil painting brush. It is used as an erasing tool. You use it

to brush color off of the paper where you want to rework it.

Fine sandpaper: An additional type of erasing tool. Don't bother with this if

you are going to use a sanded paper such as Kitty Wallace: This is only useful

only if you are using a paper such as Canson.

A drawing board: I use a piece of 1/8 inch masonite, 18 x 22 inches.

A small sketch book: I recommend one about 4 x 6 inches.

A set of gray markers: I recommend Prismacolor markers numbers 107,105,102,

and 100.

Masking tape: to hold the paper in place on the drawing board.

An apron, or smock.: Pastel is a dusty media, avoid wearing good clothes that might

be ruined if you get pastel on them.

Landscape photoslReference Materials * For Landscape workshops only: These

are intended to be used as subject matter in the landscape workshop.

*An Easel-if the sponsoring organization does not provide one.



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