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Below is the list of materials for my June workshop:

Portable Field Easel or Pochade Box ( I use Open Box M but French Easel, or any other portable easel will suffice)

Brushes ( recommend boar bristle sizes 10, 6, and 2)

Panels ( sizes 6x8, 8x10, 11x14 preferred. Suggest Raymar panels from Raymarart.com)

Paints ( prefer oils, Ultramarine Blue, Cad. Red Light, Cad. Lemon, Titanium White, Chromatic Black ((Gamblin)), plus students' choice of additional colors.

Container for solvent

Solvent ( I prefer vegetable oil to solvent but, if preference is for solvent, Gamsol works very well and is largely odorless.

Paper Towels ( prefer Viva towels)

Swiss Army Knife or Multitool with a blade and a screwdriver ( for field repairs to easel if needed)

Wide Brimmed Hat

Sunscreen or Sunblock

Neutral Gray Viewfinder ( suggest ViewCatcher)

Small Sketch pad

Drawing Pencils or Marker

Sturdy Shoes or Hiking Boots

Backpack to carry above listed items

If anyone has any questions about the list or the class in general please feel free to have them contact me either by e-mail or phone. I am happy to converse with participants and prospective participants before the class. In fact, sometimes it helps them in their decision to attend.

Rich Gallego


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