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Douglas L. House Workshop

Pastel Supply Kit

Contents: All items listed below are recommended but very important. You may bring any pastels you already have, but you may want to purchase this kit. Or, without placing an order, you can use this list as a reference to fill in any colors that you may need from other art supply resources.

If you are a beginner you will need to order this Kit.

NuPastel - 48 Color Set ( NuPastel is a Brand Name )

In addition, the following NuPastel colors often used in this workshop have been added to the kit:

White 211P 2 extra sticks

Cold Very Light Gray 299P 2 extra sticks

Cold Light Gray 289P 2 extra sticks

Warm Light Gray 239P - I will bring to class

Cold Medium Gray 279P 2 extra sticks

Cold deep Gray 259P 2 extra sticks

Olive Green 248P 1

Bottle Green 298P 1

Harbor Blue 345P 1

Burgundy 346P 1

Cordovan 353P 1

Indian Red 263P 1

3 Blending Stumps

4 Ply Museum Board 4 Pieces at 16" X 20" ( 32" X 40 " cut to 16" X 20" ) Required

You can order this Pastel Kit (or just Museum Board ) direct from Wet Paint Art Materials online.

Or by contacting Wet Paint Artistsí Materials & Framing in Saint Paul, MN at 651-698-6431

When Ordering Kit Go To www.wetpaintart.com > School Kits > Scroll To > Doug House Pastel Classes > Click On Painting > Place Your Order > Check Out. Thank you for taking my workshop.

Special kit price is $97.80 (MSRP for materials separately is $121.35)

Students may call me direct at: 651-686-7318 if they have any questions.

Cloudcroft Art Workshops

Impressionist Landscape Painting - Soft Pastels
Douglas L House - Instructor
Student Level: Begining through Advanced
Has your spirit ever been elevated to new heights by listening to great music or by being witness to a wondrous landscape and wishing you could create that beauty by painting? Well you can, and some of the great American and French Impressionists and Tonalist painters did just that. In these classes we will discover the techniques they used to make their paintings the great master works that have stood the test of time.
Instructor demonstrations and critiques will teach students how to create different levels of distance within their plein air or photographed landscapes using color, perspective, detail and thoughtfully developed compositions practicing and exploring various techniques with individualized advice and focused direction from the instructor. 
Students will complete this workshop with a finished painting or paintings. 
You can see Doug's work at www.douglashousefineart.com
Early registration is advised as student numbers are limited. This will assure a place in our program. Students are accepted on a first come first serve basis.


 Cloudcroft Art Workshops, LLC
P.O.Box 1202
Cloudcroft, NM 88317