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Bigger, Faster, Fresher, Looser Abstract Painting Workshop Material List

My Abstract Painting Workshops are not structured for a particular painting medium, so please bring with you the painting materials that you are most familiar with and typically use. The emphasis will be on Bigger and Fresher so larger brushes and lots of paint are helpful.

Suggested Materials List - This is only a suggested materials list. Do not feel obligated to purchase all of the paint and brushes on this list. You will need all of the painting surfaces listed.

1. Paint: Any professional grade acrylic, oil or watercolor paint. I use paint in 16 oz. jars from Golden, Utrecht and Nova Color. Please note that if you use student grade paints the colors will not be as intense, nor will the colors mix as well.

You should bring one each of the following if possible:

Warm Yellow (ex.: Hansa Yellow Deep or Cadmium Yellow Deep or Indian Yellow)

Cool Yellow (ex: Hansa Yellow Light or Cadmium Yellow Light)

Warm Red (ex: Cadmium Red Medium)

Cool Red (ex: Alizarin Crimson or Quinacridone Magenta or Permanant Magenta)

Warm Blue (Ultramarine Blue)

Cool Blue (ex:Cerulean Blue)

Medium Value Green (ex: Phthalo Green or Viridian or Sap Green)

Medium Value Violet (ex:Permanent Violet or Cobalt Violet or Ultramarine Violet)

Orange (ex: Pyrolle Orange, Cadmium Orange)

White (Titanium or Zinc) Note: You will need LOTS of white paint!

Black (Mars or Ivory)

2. Brushes for Oil or Acrylic Painters: The brushes you typically use, with a selection of 1" and 1-1/2" sizes. You will need at least a couple of 2" and 3" brushes. Brushes can be either nylon or natural bristle. I use the following:

Mega Gesso Brush from Dick Blick (natural bristle) www.dickblick.com

Creative Mark Primer Brush from Jerry’s Artarama (natural bristle) www.jerryartarama.com

3. Brushes for Watercolor Painters: Any 2" nylon flat watercolor wash brush will work, plus the brushes you typically use.

4. Large water/spirits containers

5. Water spray bottle – large

6. A palette. I use roll of wax paper and some tape.

7. Paper towels
8. Materials for note taking, or a sketch book

9. Palette knife – medium to large size (not required for watercolor painters)

10. Artists Tape or masking tape – DO NOT bring blue tape – only white or cream color

11. Painting Surfaces for Acrylic and Oil Painters: For painting surfaces you can utilize canvases, gessoed 300 lb watercolor paper, canvas panels, wood panels. You will need (4) surfaces for day one; (2) surfaces per day after that: 18x24 minimum–30x40 maximum. If utilizing watercolor paper you will need a substrate support board and clips or tape. Regardless of surface, each should be coated with gesso. Prestretched canvases already come coated with gesso.

In addition you will need 15-18 small painting surfaces which could be matboard, wood, canvas cloth, etc. Minimum size would be 6x8 and maximum would be 12x12. I recommend: (3) 22x30 sheets 300 lb watercolor paper with a coat of gesso applied to each (I recommend Fabriano Artistico Watercolor Paper). You can cut the sheets into 10x10 squares (or use tape applied to the surface to create 10x10’s)– (6) 10x10’s per sheet – you should have 18 total. Buy the watercolor paper from Jerry’s Artarama because they have the best price. www.jerrysartarama.com

12. Painting Surfaces for Watercolor Painters: (4) 22x30 full sheets of watercolor paper (140 or 300 lb.) for day one; (2) per day after that.

In addition you will need (3) 22x30 full sheets cut into 10x10 squares – you will get (6) 10x10’s per sheet – you should have 18 total. You may also need a support board and clips or tape


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