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Janet Rogers, AWS
2049 John Anderson Dr., Ormond Beach, FL 32176
386-441-4930 or 386-451-8441
Website: www.watercolorsbyrogers.com
E-mail: janet@watercolorsbyrogers.com

“Watercolor Impressions - Faces & Figures”

Dear Students: I look forward to our workshop. Below is a SUGGESTED list of supplies. PLEASE DO NOT FEEL YOU HAVE TO HAVE EVERYTHING!! Hopefully you already have supplies that are the same or comparable. Please call me for any questions - (386)441-4930 (cell: 386-451-8441) or E-Mail: janet@watercolorsbyrogers.com. Website: www.watercolorsbyrogers.com 

WATERCOLOR PAPERS: I suggest 140lb Coldpressed such as Arches Bright White (or natural) (I use the “wrong side”) or 140lb rough Arches Bright White or Natural. It will be helpful to have extra watercolor paper (could be backs of old paintings, etc.) for painting exercises. Of course, you will also need a board – like a foam core – I use a Champion Art Mate – size 17”x22”(material is what they use for political signs) to support your painting. If you paint larger you may want a gatorboard. We do many paintings, so please bring enough watercolor paper (approx. 3 to 5 paintings per day – can be ½ sheets or ¼ sheets). – or like I said – if you want larger - -

OTHER PAPERS: A pad of cheap drawing paper will be needed in any portrait or figure workshop. 

PENCILS: I suggest a #2B pencil for drawing on the watercolor paper, but really love the ebony pencils (or 6B) for drawing exercises. A kneaded eraser and pencil sharpener will be handy.

PALETTE: I use various palettes, such as “Cheap Joe’s Piggy Back”, “Jone’s Palette ”, etc. – I also use a “Jasper Tray” (plastic type butcher tray) to make more “pigment areas”. Palettes should have individual wells plus larger area for mixing.

OTHER STUFF: . Hair dryer(we can share), large container for water (I use a bucket), paper towels (I love Bounty). We will work from photos for the Portrait & Figures workshop. Please bring photos of people to work from (can be friends, family, someone who interests you or even from magazines – since this is for practice) ones with good lights and darks (shadow shapes). Ideally shadow shapes should should be more than ½ of face. (Please see my website for sample). I will also have some photos if you don’t have any you like plus have tracings you can borrow. Many students will be interested in painting children, which we will also cover. We will have a model for a day or so - Bring a CAMERA - you are welcome to take photos of any paintings and demos You may want to bring a “pre-drawn” drawing on wc paper for your portrait – but we will also do drawings in class – it just may be “reassuring” if you are new to portraits. Also you may want to bring tracing paper to trace your own drawing again to have for practicing flesh tones.

BRUSHES: I like the following: A ¾” “Flat” brush such as Loew-Cornell Series 7550 Wash, a “One Stroke" such as the ¾” or 1” Loew-Cornell Series 7100; "Round" such as Loew-Cornell Series 7700 size 26, and Loew-Cornell Series 7000 size 14; "Ultra Round", Loew-Cornell Series 7020 size 14; a large flat for larger washes, and a 1/2" flat for making "puddles". I use these brushes, but bring what you have. In the workshop you may try mine to see if you like them before you buy them. 



Limited Pigments List of Watercolors
(you can get by on these )
These colors are all mostly transparent and do well in mixing other colors.
This list is to help students who do not have access to all the colors I use - 
PLEASE NOTE: there are six colors in bold…..these are the strongest recommended!! (two limited triads)

TRIAD #1 – Light to Mid Values
Aureolin (a transparent cool yellow) (Winsor-Newton) or Daniel Smith *or Sour Lemon (AJ)
Permanent Rose (a cool pink – I use a lot – Am. Journey, or W/N)
Cobalt Blue (American Journey, or W/N or Holbein)

TRIAD #2 – Mid to Dark Values
Quinacridone Gold (a very intense transparent bright yellow gold) (Winsor-Newton or Daniel Smith)
Permanent Alizarin Crimson (a deep cool pink/red) Holbein or W/N
Ultramarine Blue (AJ, W/N or Holbein) - probably all same – please not French Ultramarine

OTHER HELPFUL COLORS: (you do not HAVE TO HAVE – but nice)
Raw Sienna (a soft warm yellow-brown) (American Journey
Burnt Sienna (a transparent strong brown) (Winsor-Newton only)*
Cerulean Blue (W/N) or Sky Blue (American Journey)*
Prussian Blue (American Journey or other)
Janet’s Violet Rose (American Journey)*
Skip’s Green (Am. Journey)
Sap Green
Mineral Violet (Holbein)
Cerulean Blue Hue (formerly Arctic Ice) (American Journey) 
(ANY AMERICAN JOURNEY COLORS I WILL HAVE AT WORKSHOP) you can see and test them. These colors are terrific!

*recommended – will help much!

 I will have some colors you can try
Most of the colors I use are listed on my website.


 Cloudcroft Art Workshops, LLC
P.O.Box 1202
Cloudcroft, NM 88317