Supply List – Alan Flattmann


SOFT PASTELS: A set of about 60-80 pastels is plenty. Most brands are good, but my favorites are Schmincke, Sennelier and Artworks Great American Pastels. Great American has a 78 color assortment I personally selected called ALAN FLATTMANN’S MASTER PALLETTE that is ideal for landscapes and portraits.

HARD PASTELS: Black, White, Ivory, Light Ochre, Salmon Pink, Orange, Light Olive Green, Dark Green, Dark Gray, Dark Brown & Dark Blue. (in brands such as Nupastels, Faber-Castell, Gallery or Cretacolor). These pastels are made in narrow sticks that can be sharpened to a point.

PASTEL PENCILS: Two Sepia colored pencils such as made by Conte, Cretacolor or Bruynzeel.

PASTEL CRAYONS: Two Conte or Cretacolor Sepia crayons.

CHARCOAL: Several sticks thin soft vine and Jumbo (1/2″ thick) soft vine charcoal. A 6B or extra soft charcoal pencil.

PAPER: Several sheets of Canson Mi-Teintes pastel paper in light muted colors like pale ochre’s, browns and grays. My favorites are the Champagne, Hemp and Pearl colors. A few sheets of sanded papers like Wallis or UART cut about 16 x 20 to 18 x 24.

DRAWING BOARDS: A board about 20″ X 26″ or large enough to hold a full sheet of Canson paper. I recommend, strong light weight, inexpensive boards like ¼” Lauan plywood or Gatorboard.

EASEL: Sturdy light weight portable Easel such as a half size French easel.

MISC: A sturdy Portfolio about 20″ X 26″ (I like the rigid black portfolios with tie strings), Workable Fixative, clamps and masking tape to hold paper, razor blades, kneaded eraser, an old paint brush about 1″ wide for blending and soft paper towels like Job Squad

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