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All paint brands are available through Cheap Joe’s Art Stuff – 800-227-2788. Dick Blick – 800-828-4548. Jerry’s Artarama – 800-827-8478. Please check my web site for links to specific art and framing supplies. Prices may vary. or Phone (308)532-9794

BRING WHATEVER WATERCOLOR SUPPLIES YOU NORMALLY USE. If you need guidance in selection, here are suggestions. Select one color from each line group below. My preferred choice is listed first. To save money, eliminate the optional colors. Pigment number (PV##)

TUBE PAINTS – Daniel Smith-DS Da Vinci-DV Winsor & Newton-WN American Journey-AJ

  • PY97 Hansa Yellow Medium-DS or Arylide Yellow-DV or Bumblebee Yellow-AJ
  • optional PY97+PO73 Yellow-Orange Mix (instructions in class)
  • optional PY150+PO48 Quinacridone Gold-DS
  • PO48 Quinacridone Burnt Orange-DS, DV or Burnt Sienna-WN
  • PO73 Pyrrol Orange-DS
  • optional PR188 Organic Vermilion-DS or Permanent Red-DV or Scarlet Lake-WN or Red Hot Momma-AJ
  • PV19 Quinacridone Rose-DS or Red Rose Deep-DV or Permanent Rose-WN, AJ
  • optional PR176 Carmine-DS (replaces alizarin crimson)
  • optional PV19 Quinacridone Violet-DS, AJ or Thioindigo Violet-DV
  • optional PV23 Carbazole Violet-DS or Royal Amethyst-AJ
  • PB29 Ultramarine Blue-DS, DV, AJ or French Ultramarine-WN
  • optional PB15:3 Phthalo Blue (GS)-DS or Winsor Blue (GS)-WN or Phthalo Blue-DV optional PG50 Cobalt Teal Blue-DS
  • PG7 Phthalo Green (BS)-DS or Winsor Green (BS)-WN or Joe’s Green-AJ
  • optional PY97+PG7 Yellow Green Mix (instructions in class)


1” Watercolor Flat 1/2” Watercolor Flat Round brush that comes to a good point (3/4” Flat optional) I prefer the squirrel hair & synthetic blend, by Silver Brush Black Velvet. Cheap Joe’s Pseudo Squirrel is also good.


100% Rag Paper is a must. 140 lb Cold Press—Winsor & Newton; or Arches bright white; also good, Kilimanjaro original bright white from Cheap Joe’s. You may use either individual half sheets, quarter sheets or a watercolor block. The watercolor block requires no clips or painting board. The individual sheets can be either clipped or stapled to the painting board. Advanced painters may work on full sheets.


2 Office Pencil Black Brush Pen—felt marker type, Tombow (N15 or N25). These are water-soluble markers. Black watercolor and a small brush will also work for ink drawings. Bristol Drawing Pad—11×14” or similar size—plate or smooth preferred (Strathmore smooth surface is good.) Mat—with about an 8”x10” opening (may be cardboard or paper). Will cut into 2 “L” shaped pieces.


-important– Reference Photos—any subject you like. These are creatively interpreted into paintings. Photos with a strong light source are preferred. If your photos are on an electronic device, please print them for the workshop.


  • Small tube of Black Acrylic paint, Liquitex soft body or similar—optional
  • 3 or 4 Q-tips (cotton swabs)—optional
  • Painting Board—Choices include Plywood or Gatorboard (available Cheap Joe & Jerry’s), size 16×23. Plywood boards work best if they are sealed with one coat of acrylic medium or household spray varnish, etc.
  • Bull Dog clips, staples, or watercolor wash out tape, etc. for attaching paper to board.
  • Watercolor Palette with an open space for thinning colors—I use John Pike Big Well Palette. Plastic plates also work.
  • Shallow Water Container—for cleaning brushes
  • Natural Sponge—for wetting paper and lifting paint
  • Old Tooth Brush—for lifting paint
  • Paper Towels or Kleenex
  • Hair Dryer (optional)
  • Old Bath Towel

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