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All paint brands are available through Cheap Joe’s Art Stuff – 800-227-2788. Dick Blick – 800-828-4548. Jerry’s Artarama – 800-827-8478. Please check my web site for links to specific art and framing supplies. Prices may vary. or Phone (308)532-9794

Note that I will demonstrate using Golden OPEN Acrylic paints; however, the general method will apply to all acrylics. BRING WHATEVER SUPPLIES YOU NORMALLY USE. If you need guidance in selection, here are suggestions.

TUBE PAINTS (2oz.): Golden OPEN Acrylics; or Golden or Liquitex brand Heavy Body Acrylics. Note OPEN acrylics dry much slower than regular acrylics which allows for easier blending. The different types of acrylic paints and mediums may be mixed to achieve your desired drying time and paint viscosity.

Pigment number

PY74 Hansa Yellow Opaque

PY42 Yellow Oxide

PR254 Pyrrol Red

PR122 Quinacridone Magenta

PB29 Ultramarine Blue

PB15:3+PG7 Manganese Blue Hue

PG7 Phthalo Green (BS)

PBr7 Burnt Umber

PW6 Titanium Buff and/or Titanium White


For Slowing Dry Time: Golden Open Acrylic Gel (gloss) 8 oz.

For Thickening Paint: Golden – Heavy or Extra Heavy Gel (semi-gloss) 8 oz.; or Liquitex Matte Super Heavy Gel

For Thinning Paint: Golden or Liquitex Airbrush Medium 8 oz.

BRUSHES: Filberts – (at least one of each size) #2, #6, #10. I use Silver Brush either Black Pearl or Bristlon Synthetic Brushes.

Round – brush that comes to a good point for signing your name and ink sketches.

CANVASES: At least two canvases, Size 16″x20″ or 12″x16″. I use either manufactured acrylic primed canvas panels; or stretched canvases. (see web site)

FOR SPECIAL PROJECTS: One size 12″ x 16″ canvas or panel. (in addition to canvases above)

One fairly simple photo of buildings with trees, or boats or similar. Enlarge and crop the photo to size 5×7 or 6×8 and bring a working copy on regular or photo paper. We will mark on this with a fine point Sharpie marker.

INK SKETCH: #2 Office Pencil

Black Brush Pen—felt marker type, Tombow (N15 or N25). These are water-soluble markers. Black watercolor and a small brush will also work for ink drawings.

Bristol Drawing Pad—11×14″ or similar size—plate or smooth preferred (Strathmore smooth surface is good.)

Mat—with about an 8″x10″ opening (may be cardboard or paper). Will cut into 2 “L” shaped pieces.

important Reference Photos—any subject you like. These are creatively interpreted into paintings. Photos with a strong light source are preferred. If your photos are on an electronic device, please print them for the workshop.


Painting Knife

Easel of your choice

Medium Size shallow water container—for cleaning brushes

Disposable Palette—I use 9″ wax coated paper plates for palettes; also at least one sealable plastic container to hold wet paper plates—available from the Dollar Tree.

Tubes of regular acrylic for toning canvases. Reds, Magenta and Turquoise are favorites (instructions in class).

optional Vine Charcoal—for pre-drawing on painting. Note: do not use compressed charcoal.

Hair Dryer

Paper Towels

Grocery Bags—for trash Come prepared to learn and have a great time!

Golden Acrylics are available through Cheap Joe, Dick Blick, or Jerry’s Artarama.

Please check my web site for links to specific art supplies.

Come prepared to learn and have a great time! KEN HOSMER WORKSHOPS
Phone (308)532-9794

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