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Cloudcroft Supply List | Nancy Tankersley | August 9-14 |


Oil or acrylic is preferred but pastel and water are allowed as this is NOT a technique workshop. If working in pastel or watercolor you must be moderately experienced with the medium. Recently I have begun working with the water-miscible oils and highly recommend them for their less toxic qualities and ease of travel. If you are interested in trying these oils, email me and I will send you a detailed list of what to buy.

Please buy professional grade paints, they are cheaper in the long run and will speed your learning process. We will paint with a limited palette in class.

If you are buying fresh oils and brushes for this class, please check out my Richeson Instructor Set at They offer a good price and I do love their paints and brushes!


  • Cool yellow- Hansa Pale yellow, Lemon or Cadmium Yellow light
  • Warm yellow – cadmium yellow deep or Indian Yellow
  • Warm red – Naphthol Red or Cadmium Red Light
  • Warm Blue – Ultramarine Blue
  • Cool blue – Manganese or Cerulean (not in Richeson set but I would like for you to have it)
  • Burne Sienna (optional)
  • Titanium White

Medium – Gamsol Solvent Free Liquid or Gel or any medium of your choice such as Liquin

Paint thinner – Gamsol or Turpenoid Oderless MIneral Spirits ( if you are flying Gamsol will be available for sale)

Brushes – (I like the brushes in the Instructor set but if you are only buying a few or bringing what you have, see below.) Rather than specify sizes and brand ( the sizes all differ by brand), please be sure you have the following:

  • 1 inch ( at base of bristles where they meet the wood) bristle brush flat (this can be natural or synthetic)
  • 1/2 inch bristle brush filbert
  • 1/2 inch soft sable or synthetic sable
  • 1/4 inch bristle brush long flat
  • very small round of synthetic sable for signatures and fine detail

Palette Knives – one for scraping the palette and one for painting. The painting knife should be
flexible – I like the long diamond shape.


  • Container with lid for paint thinner and a medium cup
  • paper towels
  • photos of landscapes and figures in action, either printed out or on an iPad
  • Plein air easel
  • Supports – 2 painting surfaces for each day, from 8 x 8 up to 12 x 16. Square or rectangular ok.
  • some sort of composition finder such as the one that is in the Instructor Kit which is the Guerilla Painter Composition Finder

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