Supply List – Suzy Powell

Watercolor and Ink Sketchbook Memories

Please bring professional grade watercolors and a really good sketchbook: you will be disappointed if you don’t. The cheap watercolor is not bright and vibrant. My favorite books are the 5×8 ‘handbook’ cheap joes, jerrysartarama.

Moleskin watercolor book 5 5×8. Some like stillman and birn. I don’t use the large books because they are intimidating. I love the 5×8 or 6×8 or even the 5×5. The paper in the handbook is awesome.

Fountain pen with water resistant ink (I like lamy safari pens) at

Confuscious fude pen with water resistant ink. They are about $30 at I don’t use pencil, just ink. I use DeAtrmentis document black ink, Noodlers Lexington Gray ink and sometimes Tobacco ink. You can get these at

Additionally watercolors/brushes, paper towels, water container, etc.

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